Lady Gaga

right she is like marmite you either love her or hate her, she certainly gets a lot of attention with her new video getting over 5 mil views in its first day! her fashion has insipered catwalks and no one can argue with her chart success.

but my fucking god do i hate her.

lady gaga is out to shock, yeah we all get it but do we really need to be witness to you rubbing your crotch against the camera, or your butt cheeks hanging out while you dance . i think not.

watching my younger sister look at the video makes me feel sick, i don’t want her to think this is cool or sexy or something we should all be doing because i think the massive amount of product placement going on in the video shows how truly original she is. she is a hooker with good songs which she believes gives her the right to wear nothing.

so she is our generations star, a really classy representative of the 21st century! well there is nothing better than seeing a little nipple at the BRIT awards is there? … i wonder how many guys actually wank over her yellow hair, scary eyes and boyish figure.

her lyrics are not creative but just vulgar, i really hope this woman is not shaping the minds of young girls. with stardom comes responsibility, she SHOULD be a role model but she is more like a drag queen stumbling out from a club in Blackpool, you stare for a bit but would never give your time to them.

but what i hate most is how she has stolen Beyonce, my favve woman, all about independence and making it on your own, respecting women and keeping her private life private. seeing Beyonce with her tittays hanging out and pretending to be this lesbian murderer is not cool.

i would finish with some print screens from the new video telephone from youtube.what shit.

The futility of life.

The futility of life.

Often its easy for us all just to read these four words and glaze over the sentence, it is only when someone becomes ill or dies that the shock waves of life and death shudder through us and suddenly these four words are the most important to us.

Life is family and friends something that isn’t permanent, something that could slip away from all of us without even noticing. In everyday life I hear “my mum wont let me do this” “I have no relationship with my dad” and “oh for fucks sake I have to go see my grandparents. As humans we never think about what it might be like if they are not there. We concentrate on the good and forget the bad as it is just a person’s mentality to block out the bad things that happen.

So what do we do when the idea of life and death comes up and spooks us, taking someone we love and care about it. Some go into breakdown never to recover; some will block it out and never talk about. Others move on slowly and alienate everyone whereas some move on so quickly like nothing has even happened.

People have no idea how to react to death, because we never talk about it. What might happen in the future, what would it feel like to lose someone, how it would make others feel because we are all to scared that we might jinx it and it will happen to us. When really it just makes us all ill equipped to handle death .ever.

The futility of life is horrible, some are ruled by it completely but I think that it is put there for a reason. It reminds us all of how lucky we are and how we have to embrace the ones that we have. We can’t always push people away because we are scared. You have to live for the moment because honestly you might not get another.

This isn’t very cynical, but I am so sick of the idea being crept around. It happens and sometimes we need to talk about …

And now 3 months in 2010 I’m faced in this shitty situation. Again.

Tavi Gevinson

Tavi aka “style rookie” for all of you that don’t know is an American fashion blogger. She began as a 11-year-old] and two years later has had as many as 50,000 readers.
Many and I quote look to her ‘for style inspiration’ she is 13 years old for goodness sake! She wears large jackets and pumps! Well I’m sorry love but that is not fashion. Tavi has been through many hair colours and cuts including blue and grey, you only have to look at her blog to see that. She pictures herself in front of her garage and bathroom. The dirty towels are a nice touch!
Do not even get me started on what she writes about! If I wanted to read pretentious fashion shit I would dip into vogue but this girl is blasted all over the blogging world. For what! Her words are written in rhymes and riddles and the reader just ends up looking at the pictures and glazing over the words. Congratulations.
The girl hasn’t even developed yet and she has been seen in the front row of major catwalk shows, oh blah blah blah who’s fake ID did she have to get into that! She writes all day which doesn’t interest me but merely raises the question. Do you actually go to school? Corrr she must alienate a lot of people sitting in her room all day and copy and pasting pictures from “Google.” All the 13 year olds I know (not many) enjoy sleepovers and Nintendo DS. Well not this girl, she is out all night partying (do her parents know?)
The worst thing about this is she is so famous she will not read this or care about anyone slating her because she has been featured in the New York Times and is more famous than I will ever be.
I am hesitant to link up her blog on my page, she wouldn’t do the same for me! And I swear to God if all of you start subscribing to her you will illustrate the fall in democracy. Bare in mind that she does not appeal to the masses and will never have to truly work hard as she has already found her niche when you read:

Don’t blame me. I’m just a cynic.


Jeans infuriate me; to me they are the worst creation since turtle necks. They are created from heavy itchy uncomfortable material and they will never really fit. In any situation jeans are not an appropriate clothing choice and anyone over size 10 suffers from one of the issues below, some are unfortunate enough to endure all. I might start a campaign against these trousers because really who looks like Eva Mendes in them?

To start, no one really has a good pair of jeans: my hips are two wide, legs too shorts and waist to small to ever find a perfect fit. So you allow yourself to compromise, you roll the up at the bottom or you let the hand over your bum or squeeze your cheeks together. The waist is too big and leaves bum crack or perhaps they are too small and you’ll gain a muffin top.

Arse crack – oh my god. I don’t see how anyone allows it to happen, if those jeans are gaping at the back get rid of them. Don’t expose my eyes to snap shots of it when you bend over or kneel down, it will only make me want to hike them up at the back or inform you that G-Strings went out of fashion with George Michael.

Oh jeans, jeans, jeans how you have experimented to cause women to pop on a few pound. You’ve changed your shade and change your shape but it all results in the same look and that aint good!

Muffin top, suitable only for muffins. I do not want to see love handles, stretch marks and worn away tattoos over the sides of your trousers. Why can’t someone educate these ladies, you should have at least got the size bigger to save yourself the embarrassment.

Jeans with heels make you look like a tart – people automatically think well if you’re going to wear heels why not match it up with a skirt or dress. No you go for the hooker look. ( or you dress jeans with pumps or boots – taking off a couple of inches of your height and making you look like a golf stick. Congratulations.

GET RID OF THEM PLEASE. There is no such thing as being ‘too dressed up’ there is never a time were ‘casual’ is truly acceptable.

Do you think you look like this ?

you might be confused with this….

Don’t blame me. I’m just a cynic.

Remember me ?

Firstly i would like to apologise for my absence, it has been a combination of work stress, laziness and a few blonde women scaring me off of my site. My personal favourtie i must say is from
2010/02/03 at 11:45pm
I’m speechless, you fool. Gracias

you have reffered to yourself as a ‘hot blonde’ and i can only imagine what your site intails.Ironically you’ve proven the point of my blog.

Don’t blame me, I’m just a cynic.


I was once involved in an argument at 10 years old, this brawl occurred when another girl accused me of sitting on her! punching,kicking and hair pulling began combined with screaming and name calling. The climax of the fight happened when Carrie bit me through 3 layers and caused my arm to bleed profusely.

I didn’t realize it then but I would now give anything to have a fight like that again.

6 years of high school and accusations and arguments happen in a very different way.  It will start of with me telling Lily a little secret I heard, she will then blurt it to someone else who’ll just have to tell her friend who feels it necessary to tell the person who the secret was about and within a day it comes back to me but instead of clump of hair being pulled out the bitching will begin.

It spreads like wild fire, like gonorrhea, like  a new range in topshop and whether it’s true of false the rumour will circulate, jealousy and anger causes personal details to be let out! and suddenly that secret is a full on backstabbing session.

Friends are brought into it and sides are taken! remarks on Facebook are made and secret parties for each side are created. No one in the year can escape and evils must be given at least once a day.

Sniggering and cheap remarks about the oppositions clothing are made. A cheeky snog of the oppositions ex boyfriend may also be included and ‘low blow’ the girl will say when inside she’s probably dying!

Girls have become ridiculous, were a pack of wolves! we should take a leaf from the boys manual and invest in a healthy punch in the face or kick in the shin, it would be a more suitable alternative! it only lasts a couple of minutes and Carrie bought me some sweets afterwards.

Don’t blame me. I’m just a cynic.